First World War Memorial Day

Maxim Lewerenz

90 years back from now the First World War ended and left Europe shattered in pieces. With the execution of the peace treaty the German army started the withdrawal of the left troops from France. 15 million people lost their lives and 20 million lost their health irreversibly during the over four years raging war. The static warfare let soldiers die for literally one square of land, absurd and senseless battles like people have never seen before. The entry of the American Army in 1917 led the Allies ultimately to victory.

The German government, led by Kaiser Wilhelm II., blamed the allegedly not supporting enough people for the defeat and started the stab-in-the-back legend which took all the blame from him and his generals. Still he couldn’t talk away the debts of war and the loss of former German property, that got lost to the French empire.

Royal Army soldiers, July 1916

The rapidly advancing technologies set in motion by the Industrial Revolution caused the intervention by new and scaring military weapons like tanks, toxic gas, Bombing squadrons that left a scene of destruction on cities, harbors and airports and submarines which attacked defenceless ships. It was a terrifying modern apocalypse where men died by artillery like toy soldiers getting blown away by the wind. Approximately half of the soldiers in battle died by this new savage weapon of destruction.

With the aftermath of the war, no one could believe on this day that only 20 years later history would be repeated, in a more deadly and inhuman way one could ever imagine.