Story Stolen, Volunteer Happy

A volunteer at Edinburgh University is celebrating the launch of her latest book.

Ericka Duffy, who helps out at the volunteer booth in the university’s student union, Potterow, is one of seven editors who worked on “Stolen Stories”. The book was published this month.

The anthology contains 16 short stories by various authors, including Regi Claire and Jo Swingler, with each writer revealing the inspiration behind their story.

She told Dunedin Napier News: “The inspiration behind the book is that all writers are thieves. That all ‘new’ ideas in modern fiction are borrowed from conversations in the pub or from other artists work like poems… CDs…”

The project began 7 months ago, when the literature enthusiasts applied for funding at the Forest Cafe – a volunteer-run organisation on Bristo Place – which has previously funded such ventures as Smallfry magazine.

The Forest Cafe also published the book – which retails for £5.99 with all proceeds going to charity – and promotes the venture on their website, saving the team of editors hundreds of pounds in advertising.

“We owe a lot to the Forest Cafe” said Jane Flett, one of the editing team, “Of course we’d encourage anyone to come down to help out, especially if they are thinking of starting their own project.”