Local residents suffer from Grassmarket revamp

(curtosy of bestofedinburgh.com)
(courtesy of Best of Edinburgh website)

By Ross Doyle

The Grassmarket area of Edinburgh is now facing problems with the lead up to the festive period, as the British drinking culture continues to disturb local residents.

The area as benefited from a £5 million rejuvenation to promote the area and attract more visitors, with the introduction of outdoor seating and more pedestrian space. This has attracted more visitors to the area while sadly promoting more drink related disturbances and an increase in stag and hen parties.

The outdoor seating areas were strictly introduced for dining purposes, while these rules have been frequently ignored according to Paul Duncan of Manager of Mama’s Pizza located within the area who said “this year it was a mess, no-one seemed to enforce the regulations. “He also added that”one of the rules was there should be no advertising of alcohol, but one of the pubs had huge umbrellas with a beer advert.”

A city spokesperson confirmed a review on the problems would take place, but there was no guarantee of any enforced changes to the current layout.

Councillor Mowat of the the City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership said “some residents are suffering weekly problems because of drunks, which included people fighting, singing and urinating through letter boxes and closes.”

With the festive period fast approaching, the problems are likely to increase and local groups have continued to put pressure on the council to act on the current situation.