Eviction Causes Homelessness for Five Children a Day

Image courtesy of Shelter

By Lucy McGirk

A new report released by leading charity ‘Shelter Scotland‘, shows the shocking figure that 5 children per day in Scotland are threatened by homelessness due to eviction.

Shelter Scotland has, in this report issued a five point action plan for the Scottish government to help tackle this issue and suggests alternatives to eviction which they believe to be more efficient. The report shows that the cost of evictions in 2007/8 was £11 million, Director of Shelter Scotland Graeme Brown said

‘It is vital alternatives to eviction are sought and it needs to be recognised that eviction is not the best way to recover rent’.

The report also questions whether it is fair to evict families due to disputes with neighbors.

‘Eviction wrecks lives, leaving families and children without a home and causing severe distress. Families who fall into arrears, more often than not, are struggling with the harsh reality of living in poverty. One family we worked with were evicted for rent arrears following a mix up with housing benefit. This led to the family being homeless for three years and moving four times to different types of temporary accommodation, which was very unsettling and upsetting; particularly for the children’.

Shelter Scotland is calling for a summit on this issue in order for the best outcomes to be reached.