Zombies Come to the Streets of Glasgow

Courtesy of http://glasgowzombiewalk.co.uk/
Glasgow Zombie Walk: Courtesy of http://glasgowzombiewalk.co.uk/

By Celeste Carrigan

It is the time of year when the ghost and ghouls come out to play. This Halloween Zombies will take to the streets of Glasgow on Sunday the 31st October.

This is the second year will see many Zombies take a stroll through the City’s Kelvingrove Park. This year the organisers hope to attract a larger undead army. In 2009 they saw a horde of zombies shuffle and groan their way along University Avenue through Kelvingrove Park. There where tour buses, blood vans, Ninjas, soldiers, commanders, and Lego zombie man but they were unable to withstand the infestation that came their way.  This year also takes on a larger scale with two days of events, with the walk happening on Halloween.

The Zombie king and founder of the walk, Colin Armstrong, said “I think Glasgow’s (if it goes ahead year-after-year) will become more of a zombie festival with the walk as a focal point”

The organisers promise something for all types of Zombies with a Zombie ball taking place on Saturday the 30th October at Sloans Bar in Glasgow City Centre. The Zombie Walk will start Sunday the 31st October at 3pm and then the horde will then partake in a good old Sunday stroll through the park.  The walk will take around an hour with a few differences on your way. An after party has been arranged at Sloans bar 4pm-10pm with a BBQ and Zombie films and DJ.

The walk in 2009 initially started as a pub crawl, attracting 400 participants but this year organisers are expecting ten times as many participants. There are hopes that the walk will run annually and eventually become more of a festival with many Zombie related events running over numerous days, on the lead up to Halloween.