Child belonging to….?

National Adoption Week, 1st - 7th November 2010

 By Anne Mackie

It’s National Adoption Week.  A campaign that aims to raise awareness of adoption, spreading the word that every child deserves a loving family life.

The campaign is supporting information evenings at daily drop in centres throughout the week for potential families looking to adopt.  

Organiser David Holmes opposed these claims, highlighting the campaign as “a fantastic way of giving security to children that have had a very difficult start in life. These meetings provide a common lead to find loving permanent families”.

In Edinburgh, children need the same support and love of a family. The Midlothian Council has advised people to put their names forward to adopt local children who need a permanent home with a loving, new family.

New statistics allege approximately 4,000 children need adopting every year. Habitually they are victims of neglect or abuse, removed from their biological parents for safety sake.

In the Edinburgh area, there are 90 children living in foster care. Almost 20% of these children are in need of adoptive care.

The council has put out a plea specifically seeking potential families for children in sibling groups or those over the age of 5.

Social work Cabinet Member, Jackie Aitchison said:

“Midlothian Council is committed to increasing the numbers of children who can be placed for adoption by providing support to adoptive families to help them take on the care of children. Adoption can be rewarding and challenging and we are committed to provide help, guidance and support at each step of the way. We will often pay an adoption allowance to assist in providing an adoptive home for a child, if additional support is required.”

Aitchison urged the people of Edinburgh to: “Think about whether you can offer a permanent secure home to a Midlothian child and pick up that phone now!”

Both single parents and partnerships are urged to apply. The only requirement is that you can support and offer a child a stable and loving family life.