News in brief – International

By Celeste Carrigan

Mid- terms, voters deliver blow to Obama :  President Obama Democrat party loses control of the House of Representatives but holds on to the Senate in the US mid-term elections.

Further warning shots fired by South Korea :  A North Korean fishing at a maritime border came under fire from a South Korea’s Navy, the second attack within six days. This is beginning to rattle nerves in Seoul, ahead of next weeks G20 summit.

Air freights suspended in Greece after Bombs found : Overseas shipment of mail and packages in Greece have been suspended for 48 hours, in attempt to stop militants sending more parcel bombs. More than a dozen have been already sent to governments and embassies.

String of explosions in Baghdad, death toll rises to 64 : Around 10 car bombs, four roadside bombs and two sticky bombs exploded in the Shi’ite area of Baghdad, killing at least 64 people and wounding 360. This comes only two days after al Qaeda militants took hostages in a Christian church.

Merapi erupts again in Indonesia : The fourth eruption of Mount Merapi in eight days, came with renewed strength on Wednesday.  Authorities have been forced to move refugee shelters further away from the volcano.

Two killed in Serbia Earthquake : Serbia overnight was struck by an earthquake of a magnitude 5.4, it has killed two people and injuring around 100. The earthquake struck the city of Kraljevo at around 1:56 a.m. (just before 9 p.m. ET). Many buildings were damaged and many parts of the city are without electricity and water.

Hurricane Tomas now threatens  Jamaica and Haiti : Jamaica’s government has issued a hurricane watch for the island late Tuesday, the hurricane continues it path through the Caribbean. The people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic have also been advised to monitor the progress of Tomas, as it could pose a significant threat to such areas later in the week.

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