Winter weather proves not a disaster

Snowboarding in Cairngorm

By Claire McCann

The winter snow that cost Scotland £4.16 million last year in ground salt and road repairs is not all bad, as a Scottish Ski resort sees substantial rise in profit.

Cairngorm Mountain Ltd who run a ski site saw their finances change from a loss of £42, 728 in the previous years to a profit of £736, 031 up to March 2010.

This new money is said to go towards plans for a new moutain bike area aswell as a zip wire ride, hoping to attract the non skiing visitors to the resort.

Charlotte, a Scottish student, agrees that the snowy conditions in Scotland are a pull for snow sports fans to visit the mountain resorts: “It is alot better than people think, the snow is really good!”

She added: “it isn’t as good quality snow but a hell of alot cheaper [than going abroad]”, but she did mention that she would also be heading to the bigger, more scenic mountains during the holiday months.

So although the snow has become a financial issue within the city, further afield it proves that the bad weather is infact good weather, and is proving very good for business. Ticket sales for Cairngorm have seen an increase of 25% on the previous year, and they, unlike many others, will be wishing for excessive snow this winter.