Suplex The Kid

Forming on shared desires of atmospheric post-rock, Glasgow 4-piece Suplex The Kid combine subtle melancholic lead with tremorous accelerating rhythms and as the soundscapes explore the quiet/loud dynamic, listeners are struck by a force evolving from ambiance to awe.
Since the inception of crucial debut single ‘All Beneath An Iron Sky’, Suplex have unleashed two full length albums on Monograph Records, constantly encouraged to continue making their music from press and fans alike.  Catching the attention of a Daily Mail reviewer as well the veteran underground blog of the Siren Sound, the quartet’s soundtrack has overtaken many ears, and not just in the UK.  Sharing their music for free with the online community has allowed a once small Scottish fan base to flourish into an international following and their spunds have graced radio waves from Austria to America.
To single out a chapter in their discography, fan favourite tune ‘Rebuild the Machines’ is a percussive time bomb lined with abyss-deep bass lines and tension filled guitar unity.  Intensity will rise and fall as moments of clarity appear in the form of gentle lead flutters, only to feed a rising crescendo which morphs into a morale-boosting final’e.

Even the impatient will appreciate the experimental sounds and emotions of Suplex with distinct sections, defined riffs and subtle breakdowns which will have you star-gazing at the ceiling.

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