Brexit rows dominate PMQs as Corbyn attacks Tory Brexit ‘shambles’

Photo Above: Jeremy Corbon © RevolutionBahrainMC on Wikipedia Commons

By Peter Urpeth

A noisy and combative PMQs ahead of the budget today was dominated by rows over Brexit, with Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn attacking the Prime Minister on issues ranging from Northern Ireland and worker’s rights to immigration and tax avoidance.

The biggest roar from MPs came when the Jeremy Corbyn said: “When it comes to Brexit this government is a shambles. Isn’t the truth about this government that there is insufficient energy going into these negotiations – no energy, no agreed plan and no strategy to deliver a good Brexit for Britain?”

The speaker, John Bercow, was forced to rise and calm the House before Theresa May could reply, advising MPs to “behave with the Zen-like qualities of the Leader of the House, Ken Clarke.”

Above Photo: Theresa May © Andrew Parson on Wikipedia Commons

When MPs finally settled, Theresa May said:

“On Monday when we were putting through that important piece of legislation in relation to customs and taxation in Europe, 76 Labour MPs voted in a different lobby to his front bench. The party in this commons who has no clue on Brexit is the Labour Party.

“Week in and week out the honourable gentleman comes to this house and talks down our country and is pessimistic about our future. Let me tell him, I’m optimistic about our future. I’m optimistic about the success we can make of Brexit. I’m optimistic about the well paid jobs we will create. I’m optimistic about the homes we can build and the success we can make of Brexit. That’s Conservative building a Britain fit for the future. All he offers is a blast from the past.”