Is the royal wedding a necessary expense?

Photo Above: Prince Harry © Chatham House on Flickr

Clarence House announced that next spring Prince Harry is to marry his current girlfriend Meghan Markle.

Harry is fifth in line to the throne but many news outlets, including The Express, have been speculating on whether Britain should recognise the occasion with a bank holiday.

Twitter also exploded, with many members of the public south of the border asking for a bank holiday. However, many people in Edinburgh felt differently.

Retiree, Iain Murrow, said: “Its a chap on benefits marrying someone who is not British, who could be interested in that. We certainly don’t need a bank holiday, they are just a couple of people, whats so special about them.

“That family has been sponging for years and his American wife will soon be benefiting from the British public too.”

Maria, owner of Ruby Shoes, said: ” I’m not a royalist I do think the younger guys have been using their status to do quite a bit of good, not just sitting on their might throne throwing parties, I don’t, however, think we should have a bank holiday, the wedding is pretty irrelevant.”

Last year the royal family brought in £550 million for the British tourism industry according to figure released by Brand Finance, however according to the Centre of Economics, the average UK bank holiday creates an economic loss of £2.3 billion.

These figures beg the question of whether another bank holiday would hinder businesses in Scotland.

Mary, owner of a small coffee business, suggested that she may suffer from another bank holiday, she said: “The traditionalist part of me, thinks its quite nice we have a royal family but, I don’t think they are particularly relevant in Scotland.

”I don’t think we need a bank holiday for Harry’s wedding.  I get a lot of my custom from morning commuters, a bank holiday would definitely reduce my morning trade.”

This was a feeling that was also echoed by a senior lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University, Dr Haftor Medboe.

He said: “I don’t think any royal wedding warrants a bank holiday. We have been living through austerity for many years, I don’t really see the point of having a royal family and if they are going to have a royal wedding I think they should pay for it themselves.”

The Independent published an article on Tuesday explaining that the last royal wedding generated 107-million for tourism, although most of the money was made in London.

The question remains, there are clear divisions on whether a bank holiday is an appropriate way to celebrate another royal wedding, perhaps it would be a question best left to a public opinion poll.