Over 100 protest against Steve Bannon’s inclusion at Conference in Scotland

Man taken by police Image by: Alejandro Basterrechea

by – Alejandro Basterrechea

A man was arrested at Steve Bannon’s talk in Edinburgh last Thursday.

The 56-year-old man was taken into  custody by police during a protest about Bannon’s inclusion at the News Xchange conference in Edinburgh.

The man was arrested and charged for threatening and abusive behaviour by the police for holding a ‘Nae Nazis’ sign.

While being arrested, the man claimed he turned up to show his solidarity with the protest.

“We are against Nazism, against these ideas. I’m taking part of the protest because I oppose Nazis” – Protestor

Steve Bannon, ex member of Donald Trump’s office and former executive chairman of far-right news outlet Brietbart, was in the city after being invited to speak at the conference last week.

A protest member said: “We are against Nazism, against these ideas. I’m taking part of the protest because I oppose Nazis, I don’t think he should be here spreading hate. We are not against him speaking, we oppose his ideas.”

The protest was organised by ‘Stand up to Racism in Scotland’ via Facebook.

Penny Glover, a main speaker for the campaign said: “Bannon has been advertised as an expert, invited to speak by the BBC. Shame on then, giving platform for Nazis to spread their hate. It’s shocking.”

The organisation had a march last Sunday in London and planed another one next Saturday 24th in Glasgow.  

More than 100 protesters outside the conference venue criticised the BBC for participation in the event and supported Nicola Sturgeon’s decision of not be part of it.

Earlier this week, first minister Nicola Sturgeon, said she opposed being part of the event, she posted on twitter: “I believe passionately in free speech but as @ScotGovFM I have to make balanced judgements – and I will not be part of the process that risks legitimising or normalising far right, racist views. I regret that the BBC has put me and others in this position.”

The conference focuses on representation, relevance and redefinition, building a set of discussions and debates that aim to challenge people views.