International News Roundup

Riots over rising fuel costs have brought Paris to a standstill this week.


By Alejandro Basterrechea

China has agreed to reduce tariffs on US car imports, Trump says

The US and Chinese presidents reached an agreement to reduce the 40% tariffs on American cars imported to China, at a G20 dinner last weekend in Argentina.

The US leader has announced the news on Twitter:

The agreement, if confirmed, comes into place at a time when the two countries find themselves in an escalating trade war.

MPs and Labour party members warn of ‘constitutional crises’ over Brexit deal

MPs have voiced concerns after Theresa May refused to publish the full legal advice conducted on her Brexit deal.

Some MPs also believe the document will claim that the UK will indefinitely be tied to EU customs rules.

A streamlined version of the legal advice will be published today at 2pm.

French Prime Minster will meet protest groups after Paris riots

French Prime Minister Éoduard Philippe will hold talks with protest groups after anti-government demonstrations on rising oil prices and living costs.

Shops and cars were set on fire after a peaceful ‘gilets jaunes’ (yellow vests) protest turned violent last weekend.

Climate change ‘our greatest threat’ Sir David Attenborough warns

Speaking at the opening ceremony of United Nations climate talks in Poland, the television presenter and naturalist argued that climate change could lead to the collapse of civilisations and the extinction of “much of the natural world”.

World Bank to invest $200bn to tackle climate change

The plan to fund climate change prevention measures from 2021-2025, will help countries adapt to the effects of warming and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This represents a doubling of the amount for the current five-year plan after the Paris agreement of 2015.