New eco-friendly lights coming to the streets of Edinburgh

A street light on a dark road in Edinburgh. Photo: Alejandro Basterrechea

By Morven McIntyre

New energy efficient street lights are coming to Edinburgh, as the city seeks to cut energy spending and reduce its carbon footprint.

Plans to upgrade street lights across the city will cost £24.5 million but the Council predicts it will save taxpayers £54 million over the next 20 years.

The scheme started in Sighthill and Gorgie on November 12th and will be completed my May 2021.

Transport Convener Councillor Lesley Maciness said: “As well as saving the city millions of pounds, replacing the old lights will help cut our CO2 emissions in Edinburgh and comply with Scottish government energy efficiency legislation.”

The lights are eco friendly, and use 60% less energy, reducing both the carbon footprint and pollution whilst improving energy costs.

Currently the Council spends £3 million a year, or 12% to 15% of its energy budget, to light the cities streets.

The new lights are eco friendly and use 60% less energy, cutting energy expenses, and reducing the carbon footprint of the city.

A new control system to monitor and detect faulty lights without the need for external reports will also be installed to streamline maintenance work.

The project is in compliance with EU directives, should also improve safety and improve the image quality of CCTV at night.

New streetlights will shine for up to 25 years, five times longer than existing lanterns.

“We’re gearing up now to introduce energy efficient street lights to streets and communities right across the capital.” says Lesley Maciness “We’ll make every effort to minimise disruption to residents and businesses throughout and will target information locally as the roll-out comes to different wards.”

A timeline of when works will be taking place is available here.