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Media Mondays – Mandy Rhodes – 18/11/2013

DownloadedFileDescribed by Tony Blair’s former spin doctor, Alistair Campbell, as insightful and provocative, Mandy was praised by the Prime Minister David Cameron for being ahead of the game for her analysis of the financial crisis and the coalition at Westminster.

Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, says her magazine, Holyrood, is “essential reading”.

Mandy’s skill lies in her ability to never be predictable in her line of attack and Tony Blair’s arch spin doctor, Alistair Campbell, who subscribes to the magazine says she has brought back good old-fashioned journalism to the field of politics.

Mandy began her career on a local newspaper in one of Edinburgh’s most deprived housing estate where she cut her teeth on stories that reflected a a society with a growing drug problem, rising poverty and the emergence of the social and medical issues related to HIV and Aids.

She went on to be part of the founding editorial team on Scotland on Sunday and continued her campaigning journalism in her role as Social Affairs Correspondent breaking front page stories on child abuse, illegal trafficking of children and groundbreaking features inside Scotland’s prisons.

She then moved into television and fronted a number of campaigning programmes exposing social inequality before moving behind the camera and working as a television documentary director with the BBC where she later hosted her own medical programme for Radio Scotland before leaving Scotland for London where she became a full time mum and part time commissioner of documentary programmes for Channel 4.

Mandy returned to Scotland in 2002 and became the editor of Holyrood magazine three years later and Managing Editor of Holyrood Communications shortly thereafter working closely with the Managing Director on the strategic direction of the business and for providing the political intelligence for the conference arm of the company.

In the eight years that she has been there, Mandy has transformed Holyrood Magazine from a niche policy publication into a must read for Scotland’s body politic and civic society. She has built a talented, cohesive and incredibly loyal team of journalists and conference researchers and encouraged and guided them in areas of specialism suited to their own particular interests, knowledge and ability. Mandy’s fortnightly ‘Editor’s Notes’ column has become essential reading for the body politic and her high-profile political profiles are regularly quoted by politicians within the Scottish Parliament and make headlines in the mainstream media.

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Media Mondays – Journalist of the Year – Lynne McCrossan – 21.10.2013

????????????????????Edinburgh based fashion writer Lynne McCrossan is to be the latest guest at the Media Mondays lecture series run by the School of Journalism.
The Style Columnist, who writes for both the Edinburgh Evening News and Scotland on Sunday, was a former resident expert on STV’s The Hour and also authored the book “A Girl’s Guide to Vintage”.
Speaking about her career, Lynne said: “It’s about picking projects you are passionate about and more often than not seizing opportunities open to you.”
Lynne will take part in a Q and A with students on Monday 21st October, 1-2pm in F10, Merchiston.

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Media Mondays – Journalist of the Year – Gina Davidson – 07.10.2013

DownloadedFileGina won the award for her story on how babies’ ashes were dumped in a mass unmarked grave at a crematorium, without the knowledge of their parents.

She also picked up the Scoop of the Year at the Scottish Press Awards.

Her investigation of the scandal at Mortonhall crematorium in Edinburgh went national with questions raised in Parliament and an independent commission set up to investigate.

Gina, an associate editor at the Edinburgh Evening News –also saw her paper receive the Team of the Year prize for the investigation.

The judges described her work as “an excellent example of investigative journalism in Scotland.”

In her career she has worked across the media – PA, national newspapers, Sundays, TV.

Gina says: “It was 15 years ago when I was last up for an award. So you know, journalism’s a marathon not a sprint”.

Gina can be followed on twitter @wornoutmumhack

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Media Mondays – Catriona Shearer – 04.02.2013

By: Lauren Elliott

NapiersCatShearerCatriona Shearer, who studied at Napier 10 years ago, came back again to tell her life story and revisit tales of her experiences here.
She tells of how she climbed the ladder from being a student at Napier to working as a presenter for the BBC. We find out how she managed to get her work experience at BBC Radio5 Live and what work she does on a daily basis.
Catriona gives a very warm speech and provides plenty of inspiration and advice for student journalists who are just starting out. This talk is well worth a listen.

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Media Monday- Richard Walker – 28/01/2013

By Lauren Elliott, Lisa Mitchell and Alex Neal

Editor of the Sunday Herald, Richard Walker, visited Napier University today to talk about the trials and tribulations of a Sunday paper in Scotland.  This engaging and innovative talk delves into topics such as the arduousness of transforming your reputable print newspaper into an online equivalent and that controversial super injunction story.

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Media Mondays 14.01.2013 – Colin Blane

By Lauren Elliott:

An insightful masterclass given to us by none other than the inspiring Colin Blane, Scottish Correspondent at BBC News. Born in Nairobi, he went on to study at Glasgow University where he graduated with an MA Hons in Medieval and Modern History in 1976.

Today, Colin tells us about the delights and dangers foreign corresponding has to offer, including his own shocking personal experiences. From a shooting in Whitehaven to bombings in Lockerbie, this lecture offers not only a professional point of view, but a personal one too. Colin tells us how he worked his way up the ladder working at the Sunday Post, travelling to China and Nairobi to cover stories and finally landing on his feet as a Scottish Correspondent focusing on radio.

Expect lots of exciting stories, lots of shocks and alarms and a lot of insight and useful advice not only in foreign correspondence, but in journalism itself.

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Media Mondays-Rosalind McInnes-26.11.2012

By: Lauren Elliott, Lisa Mitchell and Alex Neal.

The latest edition of the Media Mondays series discussed law in the media with BBC Scotland’s principal lawyer Rosalind McInnes. During this talk, she provided a fabulous explanation of the three main problems journalists face in legalising work produced, and gave a basic understanding of the legal aspects that all journalists should be aware of. In light of recent events this talk was perfectly timed to show how professionals can avoid straying over legal boundaries.

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Media Mondays-Val Atkinson and Raymond Snoddy-29.10.2012

By: Alex Neal, Lisa Mitchell and Lauren Elliott

Another talk in the Media Mondays series, which saw Val Atkinson, BBC Scotland’s Head of News and Current Affairs, discuss the reaction of the Jimmy Saville scandal. Her input was combined with the views of Raymond Snoddy, a Journalist and media commentator, who spoke via Skype. Discussion topics included not just the way the BBC handled the news of Jimmy Saville’s death, but also where the future lies, both with regards to the specific case, and to the BBC itself.

Media Mondays 29.10.2012

Simon Pia Lecture-Media Mondays-12.11.2012

By: Lisa Mitchell and Lauren Elliott
Some journalists can change the world by a flick of their pen or by a probing question at the end of their package.  They are able to do this because they aren’t afraid of “the powers that be” and their reaction.  You can’t be frightened to challenge authority.  How else would you get things done? How else could you stand up for what you believe in?

This is what today’s Media Monday session was all about.  Simon Pia, a known anarchist of the news industry, provides hints and tips of how to ruffle a few feathers.

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Radio: Sport roundup, March 26th

John O'Groats

Mark and Alessandro look back at a weekend of Sports, with an Old Firm match packed with the usual tension and controversy, Fernando Alonso winning the Malaysian GP and the death of darts hero Jocky Wilson.

We also had a look at the strange case of John O’Groats, a Scots town which won’t see the “real” Olympic Torch.

Local residents campaign to preserve Craighouse grounds

by Boyana Atanasova

Local community group Friends of Craighouse Grounds & Woods have raised concerns on the future of the green fields and woodland surrounding Craighouse in Morningside, Edinburgh.

They oppose plans by the new owners, which include constructing 3-storey housing across the orchard, with 3 to 4-storey blocks dotted about the site, and a very substantial new-build development across a large area of Open Green Space and mature woodland.

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None of these proposals were previously mentioned by the developers in their recent public consultation exhibition.

Friends of Craighouse have created an online petition to show “how much people care about this incredible site and how much they value this important green space and woodland where kids play, people walk, run, enjoy the spectacular views, walk their dogs, watch the fireworks, and catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife.

Read more about the campaign on Friends of Craighouse Grounds and Wood‘s website.

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Podcast: Shelter Scotland encourages the homeless to vote

Shelter has launched a new initiative, in partnership with the Scottish Electoral Commission, to encourage homeless people to put themselves on the electoral roll.

Those who wish to vote in the up-coming local elections can either declare a local connection, telling the nearest office where they spend the majority of their time, or register a hostel or other temporary accommodation address.

Research carried out by the commission has shown that only 56% of people living in rented accommodation  were registered to vote in April 2011, compared to 88% of home owners.

In addition, an FOI request released on February 28th this year showed that only 34 people in the whole of Scotland had chosen to register via ‘a declaration of local connection’, as of December 2011.

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Olympic torch: the first impressions from an Edinburgh perspective

The Olympic torch will probably be the most symbolic image of the British summer.
As the torch’s route and each of the bearers were disclosed today on London 2012’s website, Alessandro Brunelli  talked to someone who has already had a close encounter with it.


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New Olympic torch route illuminates games’ divers history

Podcast: Fabrice Muamba still in critical condition

Fabrice Muamba remains in a dangerous condition in intensive care though his heart has “stabilized”.

Manager Owen Coyle and chairman Phil Gartside again visited the midfielder, who has not regained consciousness since suffering a cardiac arrest in Bolton’s FA Cup tie against Tottenham.

Rumours have begun to circulate that the Lancashire club may pull out of the competition following Saturday’s emotional events.

Club captain Kevin Davies earlier told BBC Radio Manchester that, “Until we get more information about Fabrice’s condition, I don’t think anything really matters.

“I know they were keen to get the game off tomorrow night [against Aston Villa], which is a no-brainer. From then on, we don’t really know as players. It’s all about Fabrice and his family really. The football side just doesn’t come into our thoughts.”

Tributes have continued to pour in for Muamba, with Gartside echoing the player’s fiancé’s call to keep the player in people’s prayers.

Fellow professionals have also been quick to send their best wishes with team-mate Stuart Holden tweeting, “”Praying for you Fab. Hope he’s OK. Thoughts with him and his family. For all those asking, I know as much as you do. Waiting anxiously for updates from teammates. Fab is a fighter!”

Arsenal captain also tweeted “I’m so sad about what happened to Fabrice Muamba today. Played with him for a couple of years. What a great guy. Always a smile on his face. Please Fabrice bring that smile back. My thoughts are with you and your lovely family!”

Following the emotional events at White Hart lane this weekend, Mark McKinlay brings us up to date with the latest news.

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