Media Mondays 14.01.2013 – Colin Blane

By Lauren Elliott:

An insightful masterclass given to us by none other than the inspiring Colin Blane, Scottish Correspondent at BBC News. Born in Nairobi, he went on to study at Glasgow University where he graduated with an MA Hons in Medieval and Modern History in 1976.

Today, Colin tells us about the delights and dangers foreign corresponding has to offer, including his own shocking personal experiences. From a shooting in Whitehaven to bombings in Lockerbie, this lecture offers not only a professional point of view, but a personal one too. Colin tells us how he worked his way up the ladder working at the Sunday Post, travelling to China and Nairobi to cover stories and finally landing on his feet as a Scottish Correspondent focusing on radio.

Expect lots of exciting stories, lots of shocks and alarms and a lot of insight and useful advice not only in foreign correspondence, but in journalism itself.

Listen Here: