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Kanye West hospitalized for exhaustion

Kanye West with his wife Kim Kardashian
Kanye West with his wife Kim Kardashian










Kanye West has been admitted to hospital in Los Angeles yesterday.

According to sources, he is currently being treated for exhaustion.

West’s hospitalisation today follows recent reports of  ‘bizarre’ behaviour at his concert in Sacremento.

After playing three songs, West embarked on an unscripted rant criticising former best friend Jay-z and wife Beyonce.

Yesterday, Live Nation announced that West’s Saint Pablo Tour would be cancelled.

It is understood police were called to allegations of a disturbance before deeming the incident a medial emergency.

The rapper is said to be suffering from ‘severe sleep deprivation’

Patients experience problems with Hospedia

By Amy Anderson

Hospital pay-per-view television set
Hospital pay-per-view television set

Patients at The Royal Infirmary Hospital in Edinburgh are being left unable to use their pay-per-view television sets because staff are not trained in using the technology and Hospedia representatives are only available to come and help them during the day.

Hospidia (formerly known as Patientline) is used in hospitals all over the country and aims to make ‘people’s stay in hospital easier by proving some of the entertainment and communication choices they enjoy at home’. However, patients and relatives have recently been left angered after purchasing television cards only to find themselves experiencing problems and being unable to get proper help during the night.

Whilst the organisation does provide a 24-hour help-line,  call-outs are only available at limited times during the day. One woman, whose Mother is currently a patient at the hospital is angry that she is paying money for a service that her relative is only sometimes able to use: ‘It’s disgusting that no-one could come and sort out my Mum’s TV during the evening – the helpline offers very confusing advice and all my Mum wanted was for someone to come and fix her TV. I have been paying out a lot of money between the parking and television fees and the least I would expect in return for these ridiculous expenses is for help to be readily available for sick elderly people’.

A representative from Hospedia stated that he was aware of the problem but said that ‘the majority of calls are dealt with by the 24-hour helpline’ and, as a result, there are ‘no current plans to have people available for bed call-outs’. However, he also stated that Hospedia would not rule this out in the future if problems continue to persist.

Have we had enough of Jade Goody?

By Vikki Graves

Jayne GoodyToday’s Jade Goody news tells us that a woman with a hammer and large bag visited Jade in hospital yesterday afternoon. She awoke to find the uninvited guest leaning over her bed. It is not clear whether the hammer was in or out of the bag, or whether its presence was relevant to the visit.

Police have confirmed that a 41 year old woman was arrested for possession of an offensive weapon at the Royal Marsden hospital yesterday, but was later released without charge.

So is this story even a story? Do we now know so much about Jade and her sad condition that the only new information we can find is that she has fans with a penchant for DIY?

A week ago it was reported that Jade was convinced she had only days to live. A few days later Max Clifford told the radio station TalkSport he believed enough was enough and Jade should withdraw from the public eye.

Cut to the end of last week and Clifford had clearly changed his mind, speculating over whether her story could become a Hollywood movie. And Michael Jackson had been on the phone sending her his best.

But it seems we might be reaching saturation point. At the weekend Noel Gallagher expressed his bewilderment at our obsession with her story to The Sunday Times.

“…what an embarrassing place Britain is right now. You might as well shut No 10 Downing Street down and get Max Clifford to run the country.”

Online comments attached to Jade Goody related articles range from strong support for her recent earnings of an estimated £1.4 million, to outright disgust. Some justify the sense of unease that comes from someone living out their death in the public domain by saying that she is doing it for her kids. But will her children really want such a scrupulously kept record of every detail of their mother’s deterioration in years to come?

Perhaps today is just a slow Jade news day. No matter what your opinion on her self-made media circus, we all know there is, of course, a rather unpleasant end point in sight.

Nine Out of Ten Hospitals Fail Hygiene Test

By Roisin Brady

Only one in ten hospitals are adhering to sanitation standards put in place by the government to prevent the spread of super bugs, according to an inspectors’ report published today.

The Healthcare Commission tested fifty-one unnamed hospitals using the government’s hygiene code, which is a legal requirement for medical trusts and helps to reduce the spread of infections such as MRSA, Clostridium difficile and other hospital-acquired infections.

Anna Walker, the Commission’s Chief Executive said, “At nearly all trusts we have found gaps that need closing. It is important to be clear that at these trusts we are not talking about the most serious kind of breaches. But these are important warning signs to trust boards that there may be a weakness in their systems.”

“It is clear that the NHS is paying close attention to infection prevention and control. Trusts have made real progress with many getting good systems in place and demonstrating clear board leadership on this important issue.”

She added that despite improvements in certain areas, it was vital for hospitals to constantly strive for the utmost in sanitary conditions, to ensure patient safety.

“Now the challenge for trusts is to ensure they drive further sustained improvements by getting the right systems in place all of the time.

“At nearly all trusts we have found gaps that need closing. It is important to be clear that at these trusts we are not talking about the most serious kind of breaches. But these are important warning signs to trust boards that there may be a weakness in their systems.

“In particular, trusts need to ensure that their wards are consistently clean and well maintained, and that they have good decontamination and isolation arrangements.

“It is the consistent application of these systems that will ensure infection rates continue to drop. These issues are a top priority for the public. We make no apologies for demanding high standards.”

From April next year, the new Care Quality Commission will be able to impose fines on medical institutions that fail to meet hygiene standards.