Denton Wilson, Prostate cancer survivor
Denton Wilson, Prostate cancer survivor

by John Stephens

Usually November marks the entrance of winter and the donning of accessories to hold warmth within your body as the winter slowly creeps in like a militant involved in guerrilla warfare. Thermal gloves, waterproof jackets, and ski hats are all seen as necessities… and now, if you are a man so is a moustache.

The moustache is however not purely for heat-retaining properties or as a fashion accessory, but more a symbol. Gavin Brown MSP for the Lothians was willing to share his experience and thoughts on the Movember campaign, as various MSP’s are campaigning and all pitching in to help spread awareness of men’s health issues.

“I was e-mailed by constituents mid-October asking if I was taking part in the campaign. It was then that I decided to do it as it is undoubtedly a good cause and growing a moustache is definitely worthwhile to help address serious issues such as prostate and testicular cancer.”

By Morag Hobbs

Movember has this year taken hold of the nations men and raised over £2 million in the UK so far, although has seen many people grow some pretty horrific facial hair in the process.

The charity idea, started in 2003 starts on 1 November with the intention for men to grow their facial hair in the name of raising money toward helping raise awareness for cancers affecting men, mainly prostate cancer, has grown into a widespread phenomena with men all over the country growing moustaches in the name of charity. The website raises awareness of prostate cancer, which is a very serious issue in the UK, with 12% of all cancer deaths being due to this type of cancer, the second highest after lung cancer.