It’s that time of year again

By Jane Bretin

Here it is, once again, that time of year when it’s not all about women, their fashion and their hair. Movember has landed and it is all about men and their (facial) hair. The one time of year they can steal the limelight and it is all for a good cause.

For the past seven years, men have been growing moustaches during the entire month of November to raise awareness about their health issues. Originally a joke among friends, the trend grew and became an event in several countries across the globe including the United-Kingdom, Ireland and the United States. The campaign has also evolved and now specifically targets prostate cancer.

Over the years it has become an event in the UK and friends now get together to fight for the cause as a group. Men love a competition too, so it’s all about who has the best shape, fastest growing or most impressive one.

The event becomes more and more obvious throughout the month as men turn their back on the current  pretty boy trend and show their virility. Facial hair is an inherent part of manhood so how better to combat a disease that threatens male organs?

Although men were behind the moustache idea, they were inspired by the women around them and their engagement in breast cancer campaigns. Now it is time for all women to encourage the smooth faced men in their lives to take the plunge and go with the Mo!

It is not all about the tache of course and donations are more than welcome. All men taking part should register on to enable donations to be made. Prizes will be drawn at the beginning of December for those who have been most successful in collecting funds. In 2009, the event managed to raise £26 million for research, support and awareness initiatives.

It is all for a good cause so let the women step down and the men take centre stage.

For more information, please visit the prostate cancer charity website. Donations can be made directly through the Movember website or on the Cancer Research website.