Local newspaper challenged

Town in need of fresh news

By Ross Winton

Local news in Midlothian looks set to come under pressure with the introduction of a cutting-edge newspaper.

Penicuik’s ‘Town Crier’ is to be challenged by a new publication called ‘The Monthly Edit’.

The ‘Town Crier’, which has run since January 1965, has come under scrutiny in recent years from locals, suggesting not enough effort is being put into the scheme.

Now, a group of Penicuik residents have gathered together in a bid to give their area fresh impetus in terms of news and attempt to restore community spirit.

Barry Turner, head of media production at ‘The Monthly Edit’ was confident that the new venture would ultimately be a success.

“What we’re looking to do here is bring a sense of pride back into Penicuik.”

“As successful as the Town Crier has been in the past, it’s days are numbered now so we’re hoping to become the main source of local news in the area.”

“It’s early days so far, but our ambition is to eventually branch out into Roslin, Loanhead and other surrounding areas.”

‘The Monthly Edit’ is currently focusing on advertising for local businesses and as space is limited in their paperback publication, they are offering full adverts in the Live Editorial section of their website.

In addition to local advertising, they also hope to report on local news in the shape of sports, charity events and educational stories.

Having been let down by a freelance journalist initially, the publication is currently seeking young, enthusiastic citizen journalists to help report on local stories.