Poppy Scotland Supports Afghan Heroes

By Gemma Haigh and Frances Allan

The Poppy Appeal helps soldiers, vetrens and their families
The Poppy Appeal helps soldiers, veterans and their families

This year’s Scottish Poppy Appeal has just launched and will be raising money for World War One and Two Veterans as well as soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

The two-week television and radio appeal begins today, and on 7 November Poppys will be available to buy on the streets of Edinburgh.

Last year, the Scottish Poppy Appeal raised £2,041,202. The organisers have set a bigger target this year because of the increasing number of soldiers returning from Afghanistan needing the charity’s assistance.

The charity gives financial help to individuals as well as providing them with information, advice and specialist support.

The appeal takes place every year in the weeks leading up to Remberance Sunday on 11 November, and many people continue to support the cause year after year.

Edinburgh Napier News took to the streets to see what people thought about the appeal.

Listen here:

Listen here: