Seen but not heard

by Jane Bretin

Scotland is inaugurating its first silent film festival in Falkirk today. The Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema is set to last three days, from Friday to Sunday and will feature a number of all time

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classics as well as less famous movies.

The festival includes the screening of a dozen films to suit all ages and tastes as well as an ongoing exhibition in the Bo’ness library. The exhibition retraces the evolution of cinema in the Falkirk area and highlights the importance of the 7th art to this day.

The first edition of the festival will also feature workshops for all age groups to discover the world of cinema and sound. One of them, that takes place tomorrow, is a talk held by a cinema historian and a curator of the Scottish Screen Academy. They will discuss the Scottish film industry and the various venues across the country. Other events, aimed at teenagers analyse the relationship between them and their community through video games.

The event, that covers more than just silent films, takes place in The Hippodrome cinema in Falkirk. The venue opened its doors for the first time 97 years ago and is Scotland’s first purpose-built picture house.

All events can be attended individually for a relatively low price but festival passes are also available. For more information about the programme, prices or bookings, click here.