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Morningside public library to close for renovations

Morningside Library Closing for Refurb Credit: Blythe Harkins

By Celeste Carrigan

Morningside public library is closing for eight months for renovations. The refurbishment will involve the creating of a new level in the library as well as a new cafe.

The library will see improved community and study areas with much-needed public toilets.

A book van will be in operation opposite the library during its closure on Falcon Road west.

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South Edinburgh filter arrow concern

Road users and pedestrians in south Edinburgh are becoming increasingly agitated by the lack of filter arrows at several of the major junctions on the A702.  The A702 is one of the primary routes into Edinburgh city centre, leading a large percentage of Edinburgh’s estimated 160,000 daily commuters into town.  Both local traffic and bypass commuters use the A702 daily and visitors from the Borders and England also add to the congestion as the A702 joins the M74, which is the predominant choice for road users when travelling to and from England.

The junctions that are the focus of the fury are – Fairmilehead, Greenbank, Morningside Station and Holy Corner.  Peter Dalby, an engineer for Comet said: “I’m always up against it getting from job to job in this area and I’m appalled that there is only one filter arrow over four major junctions, sometimes I have waited for a ridiculous amount of time for a small gap in the traffic.”  This point is further emphasised by Rachel Moyes, an occupational therapist for the Sick Kids Hospital “I use the A702 to get to and from work and also to visit a lot of clients in the South Edinburgh area, the lack of filter arrows poses a danger to pedestrians as drivers are more likely to take chances.”  South Morningside Primary School is located just 100 yards from the Greenbank junction and many of the pupils that attend live within Greenbank village.  Tamara Finch, whose son attends South Morningside Primary School, said: “As you know, the A702 runs directly passed the school.  We walk to and from school and cross at Greenbank Junction, I have witnessed several drivers taking serious risks in order to slip through the traffic.”

The Department for Transport guideline states: “There is no formal warrant available to determine whether or not a protected right-turn phase is required.  It will depend upon site conditions, traffic volumes and signal timings.  As a general rule, an arrow phase should be considered when two or more vehicles turn right per cycle.”

Tom Cowan, signals manager for the Edinburgh City Council says that the aforementioned junctions “do not meet the criteria” regarding volumes of traffic entering and leaving the city.

The West Arrival In Morningside

by Mikaela MacKinnon

A new independent clothing shop is due to open on Morningside Road by the end of the month, as Ginger knitwear designer Anna Skea branches out from her original workshop and showcase in the west-coast village of Morar.

The new branch of Ginger – founded by Anna Skea in 1993 – will take the place of the empty unit which formerly housed bridalwear shop Liliana Dabic.

Ms Skea noted the importance of the prospective Edinburgh branch to boost revenue for her company and bring a taste of the Highlands to the Morningside community.

‘Morningside is full of small, interesting, independently owned shops so I feel Ginger will fit in well. Our designs are made to last, with sustainable materials, which is what people tend to look for nowadays – particularly our target market of professionals in the area.’

News of the shops opening also brought positive feedback from other small business owners in the area. Rhona Waddell, owner of jewellery shop Azalay on Morningside Road, noted how unique clothing shops offering a range of products – in the case of Ginger, clothing, jewellery and gifts – would be particularly attractive to prospective shoppers in Edinburgh.

‘In this area wealth really does go from one extreme to the other,’ Ms Waddell said. ‘Small independent businesses here can’t really afford to specialise.’