Edinburgh Voted Greenest City For Three Years In A Row

By Cara Liddle

Edinburgh has taken the title of Greenest city in the UK for a third consecutive win. Out ranking Glasgow and London in an annual survey carried out by Cushman and Wakefield Real Estate Advisors

The city takes first place with its impressive local parks and playing areas as well as its impressive gardens such as Princes Street and the Royal Botanical. But the title is not just awarded for the capitals foliage. Despite having a population count of over 448 thousand people Edinburgh still has the over all lowest level of air pollution and best quality of life.

By introducing the new tram line system, despite causing traffic delays at present, this will mean that Edinburgh has a form of public transport that can run on a completely renewable source.

Dr Richard Dixon, director of World Widelife Federation told the Edinburgh Evening News “serious action on climate emissions and decentralising energy are being considered, so Edinburgh could become a real green leader among UK cities.”